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Minotaur Escape

This project is a simple puzzle game where you have to save the heroes to escape yourself from the maze.

Minotaur Escape was created to bring a procedurally generated level system to life with a minotaur solving puzzles to save the heroes that they are supposed to fight.

The goal is to escape the labyrinth and confront the wizard that trapped you there. The wizard keeps sending you back until he gets frustrated, and you beat the game.

The game was fun to make, and I really enjoyed working on the systems to get it working. By creating easy to use systems, the designers could quickly make puzzles and we ended up making 50% more than we intended.


Project Manager:

For this project I took charge of organizing the team's work in a Git Project and helped keep people on task so we could focus on getting the project to completion. I worked with the team to come up with a timeline and checked in with them each week on progress and adjusted as needed (using Agile practices).


I wrote the code to procedurally generate the levels, including adding geometry for the rooms. I created the puzzle system to make it easier to add puzzles using pre-built rooms. The puzzle system also allows for easy addition of puzzle elements that could be added later. I added the UI, models and animations to the game as well. The project is set up for extensibility. If there was more time I would have liked to add more puzzle mechanics and to have cleaned up the generation system so the puzzles would start off easier at first and add harder puzzles in the later levels. It would be easy to make many puzzles to add to this project to make it less likely to see duplicates as well.

Sample walkthrough of the application


Contributions Timeline

User experience flow

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